Sunday, 21 December 2014

Miwok string figures 
images from calisphere

"String figures, or string stories, have been found in every indigenous culture on the six populated continents. String figures from arctic and sub-arctic cultures have been considered by the International String Figure Association the most difficult string figures to construct in the entire world. As recently as five years ago, there were only four people in the state of Alaska (all Alaska Natives) who knew a large number of string figures. Recently, those four have worked hard to re-IGNITE this type of traditional storytelling."

The ISFA was founded in 1978 by Hiroshi Noguchi, a Japanese mathematician, and Philip Noble, an Anglican missionary stationed in Papua New Guinea. ISFA is a small, not-for-profit organization funded solely by membership dues and private donations. The primary goal of ISFA is to gather, preserve, and distribute string figure knowledge so that future generations will continue to enjoy this ancient pastime. We also encourage the invention of new string figures, and enjoy sharing them with one another.

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